Kaye Presteign Ltd. Pressure die casting in Aluminium and Zinc. Quality assured to TS 16949 and QS 9001:2000

Zinc Diecasting

Zinc diecastings tend to be smaller and more intricate than Aluminium diecastings.

Zinc is able to be cast into thinner sections and with less draft angle requirements. It's lower temperature and less aggressive nature results in a far greater life expectancy for the tooling.

The material costs of zinc have risen over the last few years, and it should be noted that is almost three times as heavy as Aluminium. Hence for a given volume casting, the material cost is far greater, out-weighing it's lower production costs for larger castings.

We started to produce Zinc diecastings at Kaye Presteigne when we purchased Pressurecast.

Zinc Pressure Diecasting Capacity

"Hot chamber" zinc die casting machine.We have eight hot chamber die casting machines.

1 off 220 Tonne Locking force.
1 off 130 Tonne Locking force.
3 off 120 Tonne Locking force.
2 off   75 Tonne Locking force.
1 off   35 Tonne Locking force.



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