Kaye Presteign Ltd. Pressure die casting in Aluminium and Zinc. Quality assured to TS 16949 and QS 9001:2000

Aluminium Pressure Diecasting

At Kaye Presteigne we utilise fully automated robotic Diecasting cells in the aluminium foundry.

This investment in technology means our customers benefit from the low costs associated with reduced labour content, whilst we can maintain the required high quality levels as a result of the increased process capability they offer.

Bulk melting facilities at Kaye Presteigne. The material is constantly monitored using our in-house spectrometer.The foundry is supplied with metal from our bulk melting facilities.

The quality of our material is monitored using our in-house spectrometer.

The diecasting cells are further enhanced by utilising vacuum systems.

Four diecasting machines have permanent vacuum systems, whilst we have a further five mobile vacuum systems to fit other machines when required.


Aluminium Pressure Diecasting Capacity

"Cold chamber" aluminium die casting machine.

We have 16 cold chamber die casting machines.

3 Off 750 Tonne Diecasting machines
10 Off 400 Tonne Diecasting machines
3 Off 200 Tonne Diecasting machines

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